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Tech and Culture Speaker Sessions

The primary goal of the Tech and Culture speaker series is to connect and inspire ALL members of our UVA community to take on new perspectives, learn emerging technologies and approaches, and build an inclusive culture in tech.

Sarah Cosgriff[97].png

Sarah Cosgriff

Science Communicator, UK

Effective Science Communication

Sarah has considerable experience working with various audiences and is passionate about inclusive practice in science engagement.   Her work history includes supporting schools with inclusion in physics, developing STEM education resources for a LBGTQ+ charity, managing a training program to support youth workers delivering STEM activities, and coordinating a program for volunteers from STEM industries working with schools. Her hands-on approach to teaching and enthusiasm for sharing both the triumphs and challenges of working in STEM make her an engaging speaker.  

Sarah's session will provide attendees with an introduction to science communication and its various formats.  Through hands-on participation and attendee engagement, she will share how tailoring messages to different audiences can make learning accessible to divergent audiences.  In addition, she will share her career story and how she found herself working to instill an excitement and appreciation for STEM. 

Angela Orebaugh

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UVA 

From Industry to Academia

Dr. Orebaugh describes herself as, 'an educator, technologist, and author with a broad spectrum of expertise in information technology and cybersecurity. 

In this session, Dr. Orebaugh will discuss her journey as a hacker turned corporate executive.  She'll discuss her career--one that has spanned from technical to executive leadership at a $5 billion dollar company--starting out as a programmer, moving to a network engineer, and finally to cybersecurity consultant. She will share her stories, tips, and lessons learned along the way.  She'll also engage participants in an engaging, hands-on activity.

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