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Women's Maker Program

Take Hold of your Future Career in STEM

Join an inclusive community of makers in STEM

Take Hold of Your Future Career in STEM




Core Program Components

Program Mission 

The Women's Maker Program is a library makerspace program to help increase program residents’ confidence and interest in STEM and makerspace technologies, improve their sense of belonging in the field, and better prepare them for future careers in the STEM workforce

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A year long maker residency for first year women and non-binary UVA students


Participants will receive training on growth mindset, rapid prototyping methods and technology, such as design thinking and 3D printing, and other career skill development.  They will also form groups and collaborate as on semester long self-identified maker projects to solve a community problem.

Girls Maker

Half-day maker camp for local middle school girls

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The maker camp connected to the local Non-profits for the shared purpose of introducing girls, particularly those with potential to be first generation college students, to STEM in a university setting. Additionally, the Residents will serve as role models as women in this setting and develop their skills as mentors.

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Career workshops, events, and discussions. 

We seek to inspire all members of the UVA community to take on new perspectives, learn emerging technologies, and build an inclusive culture in tech.


WMP Internship 

An internship experience for previous cohort memebers to join our program committee

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WMP Final Showcase Spring 2022.png

The Internship is designed to offer a real-world work experience with the full responsibility of being members of the WMP Committee. 

Meet The Cohort

Read What Our Cohort Are Saying About the Program


"The Women's Maker Program gave me an environment to learn without being afraid to make mistakes. Without having my work attached to letters and numbers, I was able to see my errors as room for improvement rather than failures. I hadn't felt comfortable doing this in the past, which is ironic since mistakes are part of everyday life and are perhaps the best way we learn to improve.

The WMP also gave me a chance to explore and better the world around me. I learned to use different forms of technology that I had not had access to and would not have come across in my undergraduate experience had I not joined the program. This knowledge will be vital considering technology plays a large roll in many, if not all, careers, helping me to not feel intimidated if I encounter them in the future. The community project also helped me feel like I was a part of something greater than myself during my first year of college."



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